LengthChoice Glass Pipette for Droppers – Choose from 48mm to 108mm Length


The LengthChoice Glass Pipette for Droppers offers a range of lengths from 48mm to 108mm, providing flexibility for various applications. It is a reliable and versatile tool for precise liquid dispensing.

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The LengthChoice Glass Pipette for Droppers offers a versatile solution for various liquid dispensing needs. With the ability to choose from a range of lengths, from 48mm to 108mm, this glass pipette provides flexibility and precision in droplet control.

Crafted from high-quality glass, this pipette ensures durability and resistance to chemical reactions, making it suitable for a wide range of liquids, including essential oils, fragrances, and various pharmaceutical solutions. The glass material also allows for easy cleaning and sterilization, ensuring hygiene and preventing cross-contamination between different liquids.

The LengthChoice Glass Pipette features a slender and tapered design, allowing for precise and controlled droplet dispensing. The pipette’s narrow tip enables accurate placement of droplets, making it ideal for applications such as scientific experiments, laboratory work, DIY projects, and more.

The range of length options available allows users to select the most suitable size for their specific needs. The shorter lengths are perfect for smaller containers or when a more concentrated dosage is required, while the longer lengths are ideal for larger bottles or when a broader coverage area is desired.

This glass pipette is designed with a standard rubber bulb at the top, ensuring easy and comfortable handling. The bulb provides a secure grip, allowing for effortless suction and release of liquids. The pipette’s smooth and seamless construction ensures a seamless flow of liquid without any leakage or dripping.

Whether you are a professional in a laboratory setting or an enthusiast working on DIY projects, the LengthChoice Glass Pipette for Droppers offers a reliable and precise solution for liquid dispensing. Choose the length that suits your needs and enjoy the convenience and accuracy this glass pipette provides.

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