ALU Silver Night Assembled Dropper – 50 ml, Black Teat, ALU Silver Collar, DIN18 Thread, 90 mm Straight-Tip Glass Pipette

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The ALU Silver Night product is a meticulously crafted 50 ml dropper adorned with a black teat and a collar designed in ALU Silver, featuring a straight-tip glass pipette. Assembled with precision, it ensures seamless integration with DIN18 thread.

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The ALU Silver Night Assembled Dropper is meticulously crafted for use with 50 ml pharmaceutical bottles featuring DIN18 threads, ensuring precise and controlled dispensing of liquids. Imbued with a commitment to quality, this dropper boasts a black teat and an ALU Silver collar, projecting a clean and professional appearance. Its design is tailored for seamless integration with pharmaceutical bottles, enhancing efficiency and convenience. The standout feature of this dropper is its 90 mm straight-tip glass pipette, meticulously engineered to uphold the integrity and purity of dispensed liquids, catering to pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and laboratory applications.

The straight-tip design enables accurate and targeted dispensing, minimizing waste and ensuring precise measurements. Effortlessly manageable and maintainable, the dropper securely attaches to bottles, mitigating the risk of leakage. The glass pipette is effortlessly cleanable and sterilizable, ensuring its suitability for repeated use.

The addition of the ALU Silver collar adds a touch of elegance and professionalism to the product, enhancing its visual appeal to discerning customers. In summary, the ALU Silver Night Assembled Dropper, featuring a black teat, ALU Silver collar, DIN18 thread, and a 90 mm straight-tip glass pipette, stands as a testament to reliability, precision, and sophistication in liquid dispensation, meeting the diverse needs of various industries with unparalleled quality.

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Additional information

Carton Packing Information
Carton dimensions

50x40x25 cm

Carton gross weight

7,4 kg

Products / carton


Packing information
Product weight

6,4 g

Pipette length

90 mm

Teat colour


Collar colour

alu silver

Intrastat/HS code


Teat material

nitrile rubber (NBR)

Collar thread


Collar material

aluminium, polypropylene (PP)

Pipette material


Suitable for bottles

50 ml

Collar type


Pipette tip type


Cartons / pallet


Products / pallet


Pallet gross weight

290 kg

Cartons / layer


Layers / pallet


Pallet dimensions

120x80x150 cm

Pipette options

Plain Pipette, Graduated Pipette