Assembled Dropper Evening 10 ml – Black Teat, White PP Collar, DIN18 Thread, 58 mm Straight-Tip Glass Pipette


The product is an assembled dropper with a black teat and white PP collar. It features a GL18/DIN18 thread and a 58 mm straight-tip glass pipette.

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The assembled dropper “Evening 10 ml” is a high-quality and reliable product designed to provide precise and controlled dispensing of liquids. It features a sleek and elegant design with a black teat and a white PP collar, adding a touch of sophistication to any packaging. The dropper is equipped with a DIN18 thread, ensuring a secure and tight fit onto the bottle. This thread type is widely used in the industry, making it compatible with various types of bottles, ensuring versatility and convenience for users. The key component of this dropper is the 58 mm straight-tip glass pipette. The glass material ensures the purity and integrity of the liquid being dispensed, making it ideal for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and personal care applications. The straight-tip design allows for precise and controlled dispensing, minimizing the risk of spills or wastage. With a capacity of 10 ml, this dropper is perfect for small to medium-sized liquid products. Whether it’s essential oils, serums, tinctures, or other liquid formulations, the Evening dropper provides an accurate and consistent drop size, allowing for easy and precise dosing. The assembled dropper is manufactured using high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. The black teat and white PP collar are made from polypropylene, a sturdy and chemical-resistant material that can withstand various formulations and storage conditions. In summary, the assembled dropper “Evening 10 ml” with a black teat, white PP collar, DIN18 thread, and a 58 mm straight-tip glass pipette is a reliable and stylish solution for precise liquid dispensing. Its compatibility, durability, and elegant design make it an excellent choice for a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and personal care.

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Pallet dimensions

120x80x150 cm

Pallet gross weight

350 kg

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Carton dimensions

50x40x25 cm

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9,1 kg

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Technical information droppers
Teat colour


Teat material

nitrile rubber (NBR)

Collar colour


Collar material

polypropylene (PP)

Collar thread


Pipette length

58 mm

Pipette material


Pipette tip type


Intrastat/HS code


Product weight

5,4 g

Suitable for bottles

10 ml

10ml Dropper Technical Drawing


Safety Data Shett (SDS) in accordance with REACH Regulation EC No. 1907/2006