Night 15 ml Assembled Dropper with Black Teat, Black PP Collar, DIN18 Thread, 63 mm Straight-Tip Glass Pipette


The product is a 15 ml dropper with a black teat and collar, featuring a GL18/DIN18 thread and a 63 mm straight-tip glass pipette.

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The assembled dropper “Night 15 ml” is a high-quality and functional product designed for precise and controlled dispensing of liquids. It features a sleek and elegant design with a black teat and black PP collar, giving it a sophisticated and professional look. The dropper is equipped with a DIN18 thread, ensuring a secure and tight fit onto the bottle. This thread type is widely used in the industry, making it compatible with various bottles and containers. The 63 mm straight-tip glass pipette is made from durable and transparent glass, allowing for easy visibility of the liquid being dispensed. With a capacity of 15 ml, this dropper is perfect for storing and dispensing a wide range of liquids, including essential oils, fragrances, herbal extracts, and more. The precise dropper tip enables accurate measurement and controlled dispensing, making it ideal for applications that require precise dosage. The assembled dropper “Night 15 ml” is not only functional but also user-friendly. The teat is designed for easy squeezing, allowing for effortless dispensing of the liquid. The black PP collar provides a secure grip, ensuring that the dropper remains firmly attached to the bottle during use. This dropper is manufactured using high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. It is designed to withstand regular use and is resistant to chemical reactions, making it suitable for a wide range of liquids. The black color of the teat and collar adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any product it is paired with. Whether you are a professional in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, or aromatherapy industry, or simply looking for a reliable and stylish dropper for personal use, the assembled dropper “Night 15 ml” with a black teat, black PP collar, DIN18 thread, and a 63 mm straight-tip glass pipette is the perfect choice. It combines functionality, durability, and aesthetics to meet all your liquid dispensing needs.

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Cartons / pallet


Pallet dimensions

120x80x150 cm

Pallet gross weight

360 kg

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Carton dimensions

50x40x25 cm

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9,4 kg

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Technical information droppers
Teat colour


Teat material

nitrile rubber (NBR)

Collar colour


Collar material

polypropylene (PP)

Collar thread


Pipette length

63 mm

Pipette material


Pipette tip type


Intrastat/HS code


Product weight

5,6 g

Suitable for bottles

15 ml

Safety Data Shett (SDS) in accordance with REACH Regulation EC No. 1907/2006


15ml Dropper Technical Drawing