Laboratory Scale Adjustable High Speed Electric Homogenizer FSH-2A

The FSH-2A Electric Homogenizer by TCH is a cutting-edge laboratory-scale equipment designed for precision mixing and homogenization of liquids. With a power of 0,2 kW and a speed range of 8.000-20.000 rpm, it offers high-accuracy performance for various chemical processing applications. Its durable construction, SUS304 material, and 1-year warranty ensure reliability and longevity, making it an essential tool for scientific research and development.

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The Laboratory Scale Adjustable High-Speed Electric Homogenizer FSH-2A, manufactured by TCH, stands as a pinnacle of precision and reliability in laboratory equipment. Designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern chemical processing, this homogenizer boasts a barrel volume and max loading volume of 1 liter, providing ample space for efficient mixing and homogenization.

Crafted from high-quality SUS304 material, this homogenizer is built to withstand the rigors of continuous laboratory use while ensuring compatibility with a wide range of chemicals. Its robust construction, coupled with a weight of 10 kilograms, ensures stability during operation, further enhancing its accuracy and performance.

The FSH-2A Homogenizer operates with a power of 0,2 kW, delivering exceptional performance across its speed range of 8.000 to 20.000 rpm. This allows for precise control over the mixing process, making it suitable for a variety of applications including emulsification, dispersion, and particle size reduction.

Its key selling points include high accuracy and reliability, making it an indispensable tool for laboratories where precision is paramount. Additionally, the product comes with a comprehensive 1-year warranty, providing assurance of its quality and durability.

Designed for use in laboratory environments, the FSH-2A Homogenizer caters to a wide range of industries including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food and beverage, and more. Whether it’s blending reagents, creating emulsions, or preparing samples for analysis, this versatile homogenizer excels in delivering consistent results.

With provided machinery test reports and video outgoing-inspection, customers can trust in the performance and quality of the FSH-2A Electric Homogenizer. Its straightforward design, coupled with its outstanding capabilities, makes it an essential addition to any laboratory seeking precision, reliability, and efficiency in chemical processing.

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0,2 kW

Speed range

8.000-20.000 rpm

Product weight

5,5 kg

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