White Soap Pump 28/410 with 24cm FBOG Tube Length and Ribbed Collar


Explore our White Soap Pump featuring a 28/410 thread, 24cm FBOG tube length, and ribbed collar. Designed for efficient dispensing of liquid soap and similar products, this pump offers reliability and ease of use.

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Introducing our White Soap Pump with a 28/410 thread, 24cm FBOG tube length, and ribbed collar, meticulously crafted to meet your dispensing needs with precision and style. This pump combines functionality with a sleek design to enhance the presentation of your products.

The white color and ribbed collar add a clean and modern look to your packaging, creating an attractive visual appeal. With its 28/410 thread, this soap pump offers a secure fit and easy installation onto compatible containers.

The 24cm FBOG tube length ensures smooth and consistent dispensing of the product, allowing for effortless application. Whether for hand soap, body wash, or other liquid products, our White Soap Pump provides a reliable solution for your packaging requirements.

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