Black PP Ribbed Cap with Tamper Evident DIN18 Thread


Our black ribbed cap, made of tamper-evident black PP material, is tailored for bottles with a DIN18 thread, ensuring secure sealing.

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The Ribbed Cap is a high-quality solution crafted to seal and safeguard bottles with precision. Constructed from durable black polypropylene (PP) material, this cap guarantees enduring performance and resilience against environmental elements.

Featuring a ribbed design, the cap offers enhanced grip and effortless handling, facilitating easy opening and closing of the bottle. Additionally, the ribbed texture contributes to the aesthetic appeal of the packaging.

An integral feature of this cap is its tamper-evident functionality, ensuring product safety and integrity by indicating any tampering attempts. Particularly crucial for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food industries, this tamper-evident feature instills consumer trust and confidence.

Tailored for bottles with a DIN18 thread, this cap ensures compatibility with a wide array of bottle options available in the market. The DIN18 thread, a standard size in the industry, underscores the cap’s versatility across diverse applications.

The sleek black color of the cap adds a professional and sophisticated touch to the packaging, complementing various bottle designs and labels for effective branding and product presentation.

In essence, the Ribbed Cap in black PP, with its tamper-evident feature and DIN18 thread compatibility, offers a reliable and adaptable solution for sealing bottles without a rubber teat hole. Its durability, ease of use, and tamper-evident functionality make it an ideal choice for industries prioritizing product safety and consumer satisfaction.

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