White PP Ribbed Collar for Dropper with Tamper Evident DIN18/GL18 Thread


This product is a white ribbed collar made of PP material, designed for dropper bottles. It features a tamper-evident design and is compatible with DIN18/GL18 thread.

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The collar for dropper is a high-quality product designed to securely seal and protect dropper bottles. Made from white polypropylene (PP), this collar offers excellent durability and resistance to various environmental factors.

Featuring a ribbed design, the collar provides a firm grip, allowing for easy opening and closing of the dropper bottle. The ribbed texture also enhances the overall aesthetics of the packaging, giving it a sleek and modern look.

One of the key features of this collar is its tamper-evident functionality. It ensures the integrity of the product by providing a clear indication if the bottle has been tampered with. This tamper-evident feature is crucial for industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food, where product safety and authenticity are of utmost importance.

The collar is specifically designed to fit bottles with a DIN18/GL18 thread, ensuring a precise and secure fit. This standardized thread size allows for compatibility with a wide range of dropper bottles, making it a versatile choice for various applications.

In addition to its functional benefits, the white color of the collar adds a clean and professional touch to the overall packaging. It complements the aesthetics of the dropper bottle, making it visually appealing to consumers.

Overall, the collar for dropper, made from white PP, ribbed, tamper evident, and with a DIN18/GL18 thread, is a reliable and versatile product that ensures the safety, integrity, and visual appeal of dropper bottle packaging.

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Additional information

Technical information collars
Collar colour


Collar material

polypropylene (PP)

Collar type

ribbed, tamper evident

Collar thread


Collar weight

1,9 g

Intrastat/HS code


Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Collar


Collar Ribbed Tamper Evident White Technical Drawing