SecureFlow Black Dropper Collar with Child Resistant and Tamper Evident CRC/TE for DIN18 Thread


Upgrade your dropper bottle packaging with the SecureFlow Black Dropper Collar. Featuring Child Resistant and Tamper Evident (CRC/TE) technology for DIN18 threads, it ensures secure and reliable dispensing, combining style with safety.

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Introducing the SecureFlow Black Dropper Collar, a sophisticated solution designed to enhance your liquid packaging experience. Engineered with precision for DIN18 threads, this collar ensures a secure and seamless fit on your dropper bottles. What sets it apart is its incorporation of Child Resistant and Tamper Evident (CRC/TE) features, offering an extra layer of safety and security for your valuable contents.

Crafted from high-quality polypropylene, the texture not only adds an element of style but also improves grip, making it user-friendly and practical for both manufacturers and end-users. The premium construction of the collar guarantees durability, ensuring that your product maintains its integrity throughout its lifecycle.

The CRC/TE feature is particularly noteworthy, assuring users that the contents are protected from unintentional access by children and providing visible evidence if tampering has occurred. This is essential for products where safety and authenticity are paramount.

Designed for versatility, the SecureFlow Black Dropper Collar complements a wide range of liquid applications, including pharmaceuticals, essential oils, and tinctures. Its compatibility with DIN18 threads makes it a versatile choice for various industries.

Elevate your brand with packaging that combines style, security, and convenience. Upgrade to the SecureFlow Black Dropper Collar and redefine your liquid packaging experience. Trust in the reliability, safety, and professionalism that this collar brings to your product presentation.

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Technical information collars
Collar colour


Collar material

polypropylene (PP)

Collar type

child resistant, tamper evident (CRC/TE)

Collar thread


Intrastat/HS code


Product weight

3,9 g

SecureFlow Black Dropper Collar with Child Resistant and Tamper Evident CRC/TE for DIN18 Thread Technical Drawing