Graduated Glass Pipette for Droppers – Straight-Tip, 90mm Length – Suitable for 50ml Pharmaceutical Bottles


Graduated glass pipette with a straight-tip, measuring 90 mm in length, designed for use with 50 ml pharmaceutical bottles.

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The graduated glass pipette for droppers with a straight-tip design is an essential tool for accurately dispensing liquids from 50 ml pharmaceutical bottles. With a length of 90 mm, this pipette offers a convenient and precise solution for various applications in the pharmaceutical industry.

Crafted from high-quality glass, this pipette ensures durability and chemical resistance, making it suitable for use with a wide range of pharmaceutical substances. The straight-tip design allows for easy insertion into the bottle’s opening, ensuring a secure fit and preventing any leakage or spillage during the dispensing process.

The 90 mm length of the pipette provides an optimal reach, allowing for efficient extraction of liquids from the bottle. This length is specifically designed to accommodate 50 ml pharmaceutical bottles, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

The pipette’s design enables controlled and accurate dispensing, making it ideal for precise measurements and dosages. Whether it’s for laboratory experiments, compounding medications, or other pharmaceutical applications, this glass pipette guarantees reliable and consistent results.

Additionally, the glass material of the pipette is easy to clean and sterilize, ensuring hygiene and preventing cross-contamination between different substances. This feature is crucial in maintaining the integrity and safety of pharmaceutical products.

Overall, the glass pipette for droppers with a straight-tip, 90 mm length is a reliable and indispensable tool for pharmaceutical professionals. Its compatibility with 50 ml bottles, precise dispensing capabilities, and durable glass construction make it an essential component in any pharmaceutical setting.

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90 mm

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2,7 g

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