Glass Pipette for Droppers – Straight-Tip, 108mm Length – Suitable for 100ml Pharmaceutical Bottles


This glass pipette is a straight-tip dropper with a length of 108 mm, designed specifically for use with 100 ml pharmaceutical bottles.

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The glass pipette for droppers with a straight-tip is a high-quality and reliable tool designed specifically for use with 100 ml pharmaceutical bottles. With a length of 108 mm, this pipette is perfectly suited for accurately dispensing liquids in pharmaceutical applications. Crafted from durable and chemically resistant glass, this pipette ensures the integrity and purity of the substances being dispensed. The straight-tip design allows for precise and controlled droplet formation, making it ideal for pharmaceutical dosing requirements. The pipette’s ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling and easy operation. Its smooth surface and lightweight construction provide a user-friendly experience, reducing the risk of hand fatigue during prolonged use. This glass pipette is manufactured to meet strict quality standards, ensuring its reliability and accuracy. It is designed to fit securely into the neck of 100 ml pharmaceutical bottles, providing a leak-proof seal to prevent any contamination or spillage. Whether you are working in a laboratory, pharmacy, or any other pharmaceutical setting, this glass pipette for droppers is an essential tool for precise and efficient liquid dispensing. Its compatibility with 100 ml pharmaceutical bottles makes it a versatile choice for a wide range of applications. Invest in this high-quality glass pipette for droppers to enhance your pharmaceutical processes. Its durability, accuracy, and ease of use will undoubtedly contribute to the efficiency and precision of your work.

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